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Water and Oil temperature controllers

Having acquired Parmilleux in 2003 and with more than 15,000 mold temperature controllers installed worldwide, SISE now offers one of the most extensive ranges of water and oil temperature controllers on the market. Water, pressurized water and oil-based temperature controllers designed, developed and manufactured by SISE provide rapid mold heating and guarantee excellent final product quality.
SISE Mold Temperature Controllers are available with a standard heating power from 6kW to 200kW to give temperatures of 95°C to 180°C (water and pressurized water range) or up to 350°C (oil range), kept constant throughout the injection cycle.
The Oil range of SISE products is particularly well suited to the composites industry.
SISE Mold Temperature Controllers were mainly developed for the plastics industry where 90% of them are used; but they are also ideal for any situation where temperature needs to be kept constant, for instance in food processing.
In its product design SISE takes special care to ensure that all key components can be easily accessed and maintained. SISE works closely with its customers, providing user training, mold temperature controller commissioning and after-sales service at the customers' premises.