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SISE Technical solutions cope with the specific constraints of manufacturing special parts for computer hardware, radios and TVs, household appliances, electrical devices, toys, leisure equipment, &c. which usually require a limited number of medium-power zones and use sensitive high-tech materials. This calls for smart ramps for active control of mold heat-up, as well as automatic central monitoring of the various application settings and heating zone characteristics.

SISE Technical solutions are particularly suitable for the "Piano Black" finish which has a great number of applications here and in the automotive industry.

Target processes and products: Manufacturing of medium size parts capable of withstanding high temperatures or pressures: bezels for TV, monitor and tablet screens, air inlet piping, power tools, connectors, circuit breakers, toys, food processors, irons, coffee makers…

Special features

  • Tooling is complex and costly
  • Technical materials are costly and require special treatment
  • High molding temperatures

Technical specificities

  • Bi-material injection
  • Central overall safety control
  • Simplified tool start-up scenarios with automated Boost and Stand-by features.

SISE advantages

  • Special « Piano Black » finish thanks to the Heat&Cool (water or oil) systems
  • Tool safety due to multiple soft starts and the MOLDSCAN, PTI and Real-time Foreign Matter Infiltration Detection features.
  • Hot Runner Control managed by the new version of the high-performance Permanent Self Tuning software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the best settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters.
  • Wide range of Atmospheric-Pressure Water, Pressurized Water and oil-based temperature controllers
  • Tracking and recording of production and process data with M.E.S. Cyclade and PSP
  • Caters to the needs of value-added niche markets
  • Readily adaptable to existing molds

SISE Technical Solutions

SISE has specifically developed the following Technical Solutions :
  • The 8 Series and World Series Modular Range ,and the MV3, XXS, XS and S Series Multizone Range of Hot Runner Temperature Controllers.
  • Sequential Valve Gate Systems that can precisely and repeatedly control 4 to 36 injection points :
  • SISE Mold Temperature Controllers provide temperatures from 60° to 350° at standard pump flow rates and suitable cooling capacities
  • The Heat&Cool systems needed to produce items that meet demanding specifications for finish or filling: glossy, « Piano Black », thin-wall…
  • SISE data acquisition systems allow continuous control of processes, including detection of incomplete items and sequential control by direct or indirect measurement of cavity pressure and temperature :
  • Production monitoring by M.E.S CYCLADES is suitable for tracking (as required in particular for safety-critical components). M.E.S CYCLADES provides special capabilities for :
    • Monitoring production processes
    • Ensuring quality and tracking control
    • Collecting data during production for safety-critical components
    • Getting figures for Overall Production Effectiveness (OPE) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)