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SISE provides high quality service related to performance requirements for Hot Runner & Mold Temperature Control , Sequential valve gate control , Production monitoring (MES Cyclades) and Process monitoring (PSP).

SISE can intervene at the customer’s premises within 72 hours to minimize downtimes thanks to its own team of technicians and its extensive network of partners worldwide.

Studies and Consulting

  • With an engineering department of 16 senior technicians (nearly a quarter of the company’s workforce), as well as 40 business partners around the world, SISE conducts audits and consulting assignments that provide appropriate responses to customer needs.
  • SISE project management offers customers :
    • A questionnaire covering all technical aspects of the job»
    • Specialists who are experts in every activity covered by SISE
    • An inventory of existing systems to improve their performance

Training and Commissioning

  • Commissioning equipment at your production site
  • User training at the production site
  • Operator training at the production site and/or at our facilities

After sales service and checking machines

  • Repairs for SISE equipment up to 10 years old
  • Checking all equipment at the production site (with calibration certificate)
  • Repair at our own workshops or by most SISE certified partners worldwide

Maintenance contract with telephone support hotline

  • Periodic inspections of all on-site SISE hardware
  • Updating various software applications, on site or remotely via VPN

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