Mission Vision Values


Mission :

Providing innovative comprehensive solutions in technology and electronics for the automotive, medical, packaging, electro technical and composites industries.


Vision :

To reinforce our position as international specialists in interconnected temperature and process control systems interconnected for the plastics and composites industry, through constant innovation aimed at offering solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Our commitments :


SISE’s customers get worldwide expertise in everything we do, because we :

  • Identify needs precisely
  • Develop appropriate responses for improved performance


The reliability of our products is assured because :

  • We maintain full control from design to manufacturing
  • Our products are compatible with all technologies on the market

Values :


True to its original vocation, SISE (Société Industrielle de Service Electrique) works continuously for maximum customer satisfaction. Seasoned SISE teams are out in the field, familiar with the customer’s situation and needs in any part of the world.


Innovation is an alliance of both technology and intelligence : it is a state of mind, one that motivates all SISE staff and enables us to get ahead of trends. SISE gives its customers access to the best solutions of the moment.


SISE’s staff are trained to seek excellent results for their customers ; they design and install high-tech solutions for a wide range of fields, often well beyond the plastics industry.


Our successes come from teamwork. Pooling individual expertise is now the key factor in the success of solutions developed in-house by SISE through the collaboration between our teams and marketed throughout the world by a great number of local agents.