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SISE Medical solutions cope with the specific constraints of manufacturing items for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, which require multiple low-power heating zones, quality control and certification of the production process.

Manufacturing of small parts: medical devices, syringes, bottles, catheters, Petri dishes, infusion systems, insulin pumps, single-use products…

Special features

  • Critical mold heating constraints
  • Sensitive high-tech materials
  • Batch tracking and batch management
  • Tooling is complex and costly

Technical specificities

  • Bi-material injection
  • Fairly short cycles
  • High reproducibility

SISE advantages

  • The MV3 Series uses the new version of the high-performance Permanent Self Tuning control software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the control settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters
  • In particular the Moldscan application flags infiltration and/or probe degradation problems like pinches and discontinuities
  • Uninterrupted production with back-up probes (zone-slaving)
  • Perfect mold heat control ensuring component quality and reduced cycle times.

SISE Medical Solutions

SISE has specifically developed the following Medical Solutions :
  • The MV3, S, M, L and XL Series Multizone Range of Hot Runner Temperature Controllers, offering multiple zones (from 24 to 336), and rapid heat-up at 150W to 1000W of heating power per zone.
  • The Atmospheric-pressure water range of SISE Mold Temperature Controllers guarantee stable uniform temperatures, a suitable pressure/high flow rate ratio, and an optimal cooling capacity for low temperatures : 95E 6/9 S4, 95E 18 IE3
  • PSP Expert and Easy’PSP data acquisition systems allow continuous control of processes, including detection of incomplete items and real-time calculation of the relevant indicators.
  • M.E.S CYCLADES production monitoring sees to the supervision of production times and quantities :
    • Quality and tracking control of products for use in clean rooms
    • Item counting suitable for order quantities
    • Labeling with batch number, production date and time

In the near future M.E.S. CYCLADES will offer full tracking as well as technical manufacturing data.

M.E.S. CYCLADES Option : for control of the manufacturing of certain medical devices requiring assembly, M.E.S CYCLADES offers a "special clean room" manual assembly option using interactive touchscreens.