Here are several key moments since the creation of SISE in 1971 :

  • 1971

    Founded by Charles Monnet, Michel Monnet and Raymond Neyron

    SISE facility in 1973
  • 1975

    First hot runner temperature controllers

    First hot runner temperature controllers SISE- VARIPAK
  • 1981

    Creation of the first production monitoring system (SURV-24) adapted to the plastics industry

    first production monitoring system (SURV-24)
  • 1993

    Another innovation: first valve gate controller designed in association with the Pôle Européen de Plasturgie (PEP)

    first sequential injection system
  • 1996

    First implementation of the M.E.S Cyclades production monitoring system

    MES Cyclades production monitoring system
  • 1998

    Acquired AEO, a French manufacturer of mold controllers, from Oyonnax

  • 2001

    Subsidiary created in Stuttgart (Germany)

    Stuttgart city Germany
  • 2003

    Acquired of Parmilleux based in Lyon, specializing in advanced mold controllers and electric tubular heat exchangers.

  • 2009

    Subsidiary created in Atlanta (GA) in the USA

    Atlanta city USA
  • 2010

    First system combining sequential injection and PSP process data acquisition

    Sequential injection ISTECH PSP
  • 2011

    Partnerships developed in Brazil and Russia / 40 Years SISE

    SISE team
  • 2012

    Change of CEO

    CEO SISE 2012
  • 2014

    Three-year "Lean Management" program

    Lean Management
  • 2016

    SISE celebrated 45 years of business by sending its employees on a 3 day trip to the Poitiers Region of France

    The SISE team, at your service for 45 years=
  • 2018

    SISE is heading towards Industry 4.0 by sending data from peripheral equipment, molds,
    and production machines to all departments within a company.
    Development for this technology began in 2010 with the PSP data acquisition system.

    SISE is heading towards Industry 4.0
  • 2020

    Implemented CSR Charter

  • 2021

    Keeping it Under Control for 50 Years !

    50 Years SISE

    The SISE adventure began 50 years ago when 3 men,
    Charles Monnet, Raymond Neyron and Michel Monnet, built the company.

    We know today SISE earned its place as early as 1975,
    when it delivered the first “Varipak” and “Thermitronic” hot runner controllers to market.

    The first production monitoring system “Surv-24” was commercialized in 1981
    and further enhanced SISE’s legitimacy in plastics.

    In 1993, SISE started to develop its first valve gate controller in partnership with the PEP
    (European Centre of Plastics which became CTIPC –Plastics and Composites Industrial Technical Center in 2015)

    In 1998 and also in 2003, SISE bought 2 companies :
    AEO and Parmilleux, to grow its business and broaden its skill base.

    SISE has been focusing on Industry 4.0 since 2010 when it developed the PSP solution,
    which provides continuous process control and data exchange with several interconnected products.

    This year, SISE is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of its German subsidiary,
    created by the present CEO of the group, Philippe Monnet.
    A second subsidiary was formed in the USA in 2009 to respond to growing demand in North America.

    From 1971 to 2021, SISE continues to be resilient and innovative, with many new solutions to come.