Here are several key moments since the creation of SISE in 1971 :

  • 1971

    Founded by Charles Monnet, Michel Monnet and Raymond Neyron

    SISE facility in 1973
  • 1975

    First hot runner temperature controllers

    First hot runner temperature controllers SISE- VARIPAK
  • 1981

    Creation of the first production monitoring system (SURV-24) adapted to the plastics industry

    first production monitoring system (SURV-24)
  • 1993

    Another innovation: first valve gate controller designed in association with the Pôle Européen de Plasturgie (PEP)

    first sequential injection system
  • 1996

    First implementation of the M.E.S Cyclades production monitoring system

    MES Cyclades production monitoring system
  • 1998

    Acquired AEO, a French manufacturer of mold controllers, from Oyonnax

  • 2001

    Subsidiary created in Stuttgart (Germany)

    Stuttgart city Germany
  • 2003

    Acquired of Parmilleux based in Lyon, specializing in advanced mold controllers and electric tubular heat exchangers.

  • 2009

    Subsidiary created in Atlanta (GA) in the USA

    Atlanta city USA
  • 2010

    First system combining sequential injection and PSP process data acquisition

    Sequential injection ISTECH PSP
  • 2011

    Partnerships developed in Brazil and Russia / 40 Years SISE

    SISE team
  • 2012

    Change of CEO

    CEO SISE 2012
  • 2014

    Three-year "Lean Management" program

    Lean Management
  • 2016

    SISE celebrated 45 years of business by sending its employees on a 3 day trip to the Poitiers Region of France

    The SISE team, at your service for 45 years=
  • 2018

    SISE is heading towards Industry 4.0 by sending data from peripheral equipment, molds,
    and production machines to all departments within a company.
    Development for this technology began in 2010 with the PSP data acquisition system.

    SISE is heading towards Industry 4.0
  • 2020

    Implemented CSR Charter

  • 2021

    Keeping it Under Control for 50 years !

    50 Years SISE