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SISE Aerotechnical solutions cope with the specific demands of value-added part manufacturing for the fast-growing aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, leisure and medical equipment industries as well as the custom parts sector. The various procedures involved call for a range of water or oil high-temperature controllers, as well as automatic central monitoring of the various application settings.

Target processes and products: Manufacturing of large or medium-sized, lightweight, extremely robust parts like aircraft doors and wing spars, shock absorbers, vehicle decks and stiffeners, skis, rackets, bike rims and frames, medical prostheses and electric units…

Production cycles for items in composites are also at the heart of SISE’s R&D partnerships with innovation centers, big manufacturers, technology research institutes and research labs in Europe and world-wide.

Special features

  • Cure cycles
  • Low production rates
  • High heating power
  • Value-added end products

Technical specificities

  • Materials are constantly evolving
  • Many different procedures: RTM, Infusion, Pultrusion, Compression…
  • Cycles are long to very long

SISE advantages

  • Wide range of water and oïl temp controllers, up to 200kW as standard
  • EXCLUSIVE TO SISE: Highly innovative TPC - Electrically Heated Tube technology
  • SISE’s ability to respond to specific requirements, designing and completing turnkey projects
  • SISE’s ability to work collaboratively with international R&D programs run by cluster networks, clusters and research centers

SISE Aerotechnical Solutions

SISE has specifically developed the following SISE Aviation Solutions :


SISE products are also designed for applications in specific sectors where temperature control is essential, like the petrochemical, chemical, nuclear and food industries.

SISE also designs custom skids for the operation of industrial facilities.