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  As a recognised partner, SISE is committed to supporting each company in its innovative industrial strategy, supporting its growth, its performance and its staff.


  Aware of its responsibilities, with a proactive approach, SISE, a low energy consumer, commits itself to address its social, economic and environmental impacts through this CSR charter.


 Our customers, our raison d’être

  •   Proposing innovative and global solutions adapted to each customer 
  •   Listening to and understanding our customers through our dedicated internal services
  •  Maintaining a relationship of trust through a customer-oriented quality  management system
  •  Improving continuously

 Our staff, our source of strength 

  •   Fostering freedom of expression and collective intelligence in mutual respect
  •   Promoting diversity and equal opportunities
  •   Training our teams in a personalised manner  
  •   Ensuring a caring social climate, a high-performance and safe working environment


 Our societal positioning, our ethics

  •   Supporting local associations
  •   Engaging in disabled and senior employment
  •   Supporting trainees and work-study students in their professional development
  •   Promoting a responsible purchasing policy 


 Our planet, our responsibility

  •   Preserving biodiversity
  •   Controlling our waste
  •   Reducing our ecological footprint
  •   Offering products that integrate environmental functions



 SISE, faithful to its CSR commitments, integrates associated actions into its operations.
 This is why, for many years now…

   Our customers, our raison d’être

  We have been satisfying our customers by offering them quality and personalised solutions based on our values and an efficient internal organisation. Our services are customer-oriented: our sales department has developed both nationally and internationally. Our Customer Service Centre (CSC) allows us to be highly responsive and to provide permanent advice. Additionally, our design office, made up of business and application specialists, help us meet the most demanding of needs.
RSE SISE We control our documentation and we provide the necessary procedures and operating methods to our employees
and ensure constant conformity of our production. We validate the conformity of our products via quality controls
in our value chain, and equally detect and correct any non-conformities.    
In addition, we analyse indicators, ensuring optimal performance and the satisfaction of our customers. 
Finally, our cross-functional
LEAN approach initiated in 2014 improves our processes on an ongoing basis.   
clients SISE
clients SISE

    Our staff, our source of strength

We promote the well-being of our employees and the cohesion of our teams with a participative management system and by involving everyone in continuous improvement groups. It is this mix of skills, knowledge and people that help SISE evolve,  with professional diversity being the source of complementarity, social balance and efficiency within our company.  
RSE SISE We protect our employees by setting a 35 hour work week over 4.5 days and ensuring that everyone disconnects during the rest periods. We listen to the desires of our employees to develop their skills in order to combine their ambitions with our development. We are very sensitive to this, which is why for several years we have been integrating a training policy for all our employees.
Finally, the presence of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, the renovation of our break rooms, and the implementation of 5S encourage the concentration and self-fulfillment of all.
clients SISE
clients SISE

    Our societal positioning, our ethics

We have been involved locally by actively supporting several associations such as the Oyonnax rugby club. Among others, we participate in the Dahu trekking (Raid Dahu) of the INSA in Lyon and support the AEPV, Economic Actors of the Plastics Vallée. We have been awarded the Origin’AIN label, a label prensented by the Ain region which helps to strengthen the reputation and attractiveness of the Ain department. We are also an active member and contributor to professional organisations such as CIDA, AMICS-SYMACAP, EUROMAP and Allizé Plasturgie.
We promote the integration of disabled staff and therefore position ourselves beyond the legal quota. For this approach, we received an award from Cap Emploi in 2016. In addition, we develop partnerships with companies providing labour assistance supplies and services such as ESAT and EA.
RSE SISE We employ «senior» employees with a view to transferring experience and knowledge but also in order to offer them a fulfilling career continuation.
We want to train the workers of tomorrow. This is why we provide support each year to several work-study students and trainees with a programme adapted to their apprenticeship.
Of course, our criteria for selecting and evaluating our suppliers and subcontractors enable us to work with quality partners who respect social and environmental values, while favouring local partners.
clients SISE
clients SISE

     Our planet, our responsibility

 NWe do care about the environment. We allow the recycling of our waste with an internal sorting system and control our discharges.
We also take steps to reduce our energy consumption by, for example, changing our lighting equipment to LED technology or encouraging carpooling. Our Marketing department already distributes goodies such as mugs or fabric bags that encourage the ecological awareness of everyone. 
Our coffee machines make it possible to have our coffee without using disposable cups.
RSE SISE The company sees even further ahead. Indeed, the eco-responsible design of our temperature control systems enables our customers to reduce their electricity consumption.
Our CYCLADES supervision system analyses the electricity consumption of the injection workshops and enables to prevent consumption peaks, thus controlling energy expenditure.
clients SISE
clients SISE


En 2020, SISE focuses on customer and staff satisfaction

  The company :

  • Invests in an automated ticketing system to improve our customer service management
  • Develops the skills of its dedicated customer service department, the Customer Service Centre (CSC)
  • Hires a quality manager to develop and certify its quality management system and perpetuate the continuous improvement process in place since 2014 
  •  Formalises its current quality policy
  •  Improves its reception areas 
  • Formalises a long-term training plan for its employees 
En 2021, SISE wishes to develop its involvement in the protection of the environment 

The company is planning to :

  •  Formalise its environmental policy 
  •  Renew its staff’s awareness of the sustainable use of resources 
  •  Train an internal energy referent 
  •  Distribute new goodies that promote ecological awareness 
  •  Preserve biodiversity with the installation of beehives on its estate 
  •  Install a cup collector and paper recycling baskets in the offices 
  •  Gradually develop the SISE vehicle fleet with clean vehicles  
  •  Install electric charging stations for vehicles 
  •   Set up heat recovery solutions in-house  
  •  Adopt renewable energy by deploying a photovoltaic panel installation 
  •  Develop new energy-saving solutions to be integrated into our products