Activities > Accessories   SISE offers a wide range of accessories to supplement the products in its various lines, in order to ensure the best possible use of its production tools.  
  • Hot Runner Temperature Control SISE offers various multi-strand thermocouple cables, multi-strand power cables and "probe and power" mixed cables specially designed for SISE, as well as multi-pin connectors. The company manufactures different connection types upon request.
  • Water & Oil Temperature Control An extensive product range including mold temperature controllers and a wide choice of pumps, as well as heat exchangers tailored to various processes. These products are available from parts suppliers.
  • Sequential Valve Gate Control Besides basic accessories, SISE also offers appropriate hydraulic power units (pumps with flow cancellation), pneumatic or hydraulic manifolds, and hydraulic connection hoses.
  • Production Monitoring The company sells accessories including barcode scanners, modules for reading energy levels (complete with counters and sensors) and for printing barcode labels; also printers, electronic message displays and touchscreens.
  • Process Monitoring (PSP) offers direct/indirect pressure sensors, temperature sensors and junction boxes (signal conditioning).