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SISE Automotive solutions can cope with the industry’s special requirements for large numbers of high-power heating zones. Preheating systems and Sequential Valve Gate Control are very widely used, as well as production rates requiring relatively low mold temperatures

Target processes and products: Manufacturing large parts and esthetically important interior and exterior components like bumpers, fenders, dashboards, door panels…

Special features

  • Esthetically important parts
  • Highly standardized safety-critical components
  • Great diversity of materials (polypropylene, GTX, crushed plastic, &c.) according to the part’s intended use
  • SMED: quick model changes

Technical specificities

  • Bi-material injection
  • Security/alarm convergence
  • Fairly long injection cycles
  • Global diagnosis for rapid changeovers

SISE advantages

  • Tool safety enhanced by the use of multiple ramps soft starts and SISE’s Moldscan, PTI and Real-time Foreign Matter Infiltration Detection
  • Hot Runner Control managed by the new version of the high-performance Permanent Self Tuning software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the best settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters.
  • Scrap rate reduction and seam control with SISE’s Sequential Valve Gate Control and in-mold sensors
  • Convergence of administrative and technical production data.
  • Perfect mold heat control ensuring component quality and reduced cycle times.

SISE Automotive Solutions

SISE has specially developed the following solutions for Automotive applications :