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SISE Packaging solutions cope with the specific constraints of making items for packaging and sealing. These require multiple low-power heating zones, active control of mold heat-up (smart ramps), and automatic central monitoring of the various application settings and heating zone characteristics.

Target processes and products: Manufacture small items such as water bottle caps, perfume or shampoo bottles, food trays…

Special features

  • Wide variety of materials
  • Wide range of part thicknesses
  • Innovative end products

Technical specificities

  • Wide variety of materials
  • Molds can be very complex
  • Multi-injection, overmolding…
  • Fairly short cycles

SISE advantages

  • The MV2 Series uses the new version of the high-performance Permanent Self Tuning control software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the control settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters
  • In particular the MOLDSCAN application flags infiltration and/or probe degradation problems like pinches and discontinuities
  • Uninterrupted production with back-up probes
  • Mold malfunctions can be detected by electrical diagnosis before/during production

SISE Packaging Solutions

SISE has the following solutions specially developed for Packaging :